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Balmoral Serie Signaturas Dueto Churchill Cigars 10Ct. Box

Balmoral Serie Signaturas Dueto Churchill Cigars 10Ct. Box

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1.00 LBS
Minimum Purchase:
1 unit
Balmoral Cigars
Cigar Box
Machine Made:
10 Cigars
  • Brand: Balmoral
  • Origin: Dominican Republic
  • Ring: 49
  • Shape: Churchill
  • Size: 7"
  • Strength: Medium- Full
  • Wrapper: Nicaraguan

The Balmoral Serie Signaturas Dueto is a handmade cigar made in E.P Carillo's Tabacalera La Alianza factory. The result of the collaboration between Boris Wintermans and Ernesto Perez-Carillo results in this incredible cigar that comes rolled in a Nicaraguan wrapper from Jalapa, which covers the rich Nicaraguan and Brazilian long fillers. Available in a box of 10 units.

Description: The Balmoral Serie Signaturas Dueto Cigars are a sophisticated choice for cigar enthusiasts who appreciate a harmonious blend and a memorable smoking experience. These cigars are meticulously crafted with a commitment to quality and are the result of a collaborative effort between renowned cigar makers, making them a standout choice for those seeking a well-balanced and intriguing flavor profile.

Key Features:

  1. Collaborative Blend: These cigars are the result of a collaboration between two esteemed cigar makers, Boris Wintermans of Royal Agio Cigars and Ernesto Perez-Carrillo. This partnership brings together expertise and creativity to create a unique and memorable blend.

  2. Blend: The blend of tobaccos used in these cigars is thoughtfully curated to harmonize the flavors of Dominican and Nicaraguan tobacco. This results in a well-balanced and complex smoking experience.

  3. Flavor Profile: Expect a well-balanced and complex flavor profile with notes of spices, cedar, nuts, and a touch of sweetness. The blend offers depth and variety to the flavors, making each smoke session intriguing.

  4. Construction: Each cigar is expertly handcrafted, ensuring an even burn and a draw that allows you to fully savor the complex and nuanced flavors.

  5. Size: These cigars typically come in a standard size, offering a balanced smoking experience that highlights the harmonious flavors.

  6. Packaging: The cigars are elegantly presented in a durable 10-count box, reflecting the commitment to quality and craftsmanship.

  7. Full-Bodied Experience: These cigars are suitable for both novice and experienced cigar enthusiasts who appreciate a well-balanced and intriguing smoking experience.

Indulge in the harmonious and intriguing character of Balmoral Serie Signaturas Dueto Cigars. Whether you're an aficionado looking for a well-balanced and complex flavor experience or simply seeking a premium cigar for special occasions, this product promises a memorable and sophisticated smoking journey. The 10-count box provides a convenient and manageable supply of cigars for your enjoyment.

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