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Casa Fernandez J.F.R. XT Corojo 770 Cigars 24Ct. Box

Casa Fernandez J.F.R. XT Corojo 770 Cigars 24Ct. Box

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Casa Fernandez Cigars
Cigars Box
Machine Made:
24 Cigars
7"x 70
  • Brand: Casa Fernandez Cigars
  • Origin: Nicaragua
  • Ring: 70
  • Shape: Gordo
  • Size: 7"
  • Wrapper: Corojo

Casa Fernandez JFR is a handmade cigar which comes with a rich Aganorsa Corojo wrapper, binder and Nicaraguan Aganorsa fillers.

The Casa Fernandez J.F.R. XT Corojo 770 Cigars are bold and impressive additions to the J.F.R. (Just for Retailers) XT series produced by Casa Fernandez. These extra-large cigars are crafted for those who relish a robust and flavorful smoking experience. Here's a detailed product description:

  • Huge Size: The "770" in the name denotes the substantial ring gauge of these cigars. With a length of 7 inches and a substantial 70 ring gauge, these cigars are among the largest available, ideal for cigar enthusiasts who seek a long and rewarding smoking session.

  • Nicaraguan Puros: Similar to other Casa Fernandez cigars, the J.F.R. XT Corojo 770 is a Nicaraguan puro, meaning that all the tobacco used, from the wrapper to the filler, is sourced from Nicaragua. Nicaragua is celebrated for its bold, rich, and spicy tobacco, resulting in a robust flavor profile.

  • Corojo Wrapper: These cigars feature a Corojo wrapper known for its characteristic spicy and peppery notes. The Corojo wrapper contributes to the overall complexity of the smoking experience.

  • Full-Bodied Flavor: Given their size, these cigars offer an intense and full-bodied flavor experience, making them an excellent choice for those who prefer a powerful and substantial smoke.

  • Complex Flavor Profile: The J.F.R. XT Corojo 770 cigars offer a complex array of flavors, including rich earthiness, leather, pepper, and a hint of spice. The Corojo wrapper adds a layer of spicy zest to the mix.

  • Quality Craftsmanship: Casa Fernandez is well-regarded for its exceptional craftsmanship, and these cigars are no exception. They are skillfully constructed to ensure a consistent burn and draw, even with their large size.

  • Limited Production: Depending on the release, the J.F.R. XT Corojo 770 cigars may have limited availability, making them a sought-after choice for cigar collectors and enthusiasts.

  • Collectible Presentation: These cigars are often presented in collectible wooden boxes or jars, enhancing their appeal to collectors and aficionados.

Casa Fernandez J.F.R. XT Corojo 770 Cigars are an excellent choice for aficionados who desire an extended, full-flavored smoking experience. With their substantial size and bold Corojo wrapper, they deliver a robust, complex, and satisfying smoke. If you appreciate the bold characteristics of Nicaraguan tobacco and the spicy nuances of Corojo wrappers, these cigars should be on your radar. These cigars are all about providing an extra-large dose of flavor and enjoyment for those moments when you have the time to indulge in a truly big and bold smoke.

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