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Game Leaf Cigars Dark 15/2

Game Leaf Cigars Dark 15/2

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1.00 LBS
Minimum Purchase:
1 unit
Leaf Cigars
Game Leaf
15 Foil Pouches of 2
Machine Made:
Natural Leaf
30 Leaf Cigars
4 1/2 x 27


  • Quantity: 15 Foil Pouches of 2
  • Made in: Dominican Republic
  • Style: Cigarillos
  • Leaf: Natural
  • Size: 4 1/2 x 27

Game by Garcia and Vega is one of the most affordable and yet quality brands of cigars and cigarillos on the market today, with a rich history as purveyors of high quality products since 1882. Produced by Swedish Match, Game by Garcia and Vega has a wide range of flavors and styles, including Game Leaf and Game Cigarillos that will please even the most selective smokers.

Game Leaf by Garcia and Vega Game Cigarillos feature the finest blended tobaccos wrapped in natural leaf, perfectly sized and packaged in foil for the ultimate freshness.

Discover a bold and rich smoking experience with Game Leaf Cigars Dark. These cigarillos are perfect for those who enjoy a robust and flavorful smoke in a convenient format. Here's what you can expect from this package of Game Leaf Dark cigarillos:

Key Features:

  • Dark Flavor: Game Leaf Cigars Dark are celebrated for their rich and bold flavor. This dark, full-bodied profile provides a deep and satisfying smoking experience, perfect for those who prefer robust flavors.

  • 15/2 Packaging: This packaging includes 15 individual packs of cigarillos, with 2 cigarillos in each pack, ensuring you have an ample supply for multiple smoke sessions.

  • Robust and Flavorful: These cigarillos offer a robust and flavorful smoking experience, with the dark flavor creating a memorable and satisfying smoke.

  • Easy to Enjoy: Game Leaf Cigars Dark are designed for simplicity. They are easy to light and savor, making your smoking experience hassle-free.

  • Convenient Format: These cigarillos are the perfect size for those moments when you want a quick and flavorful smoke without the need for a full-sized cigar.

Whether you're a seasoned smoker or someone who enjoys bold and rich flavors in a compact format, Game Leaf Cigars Dark 15/2 offer a convenient and flavorful option. The dark flavor provides a deep and satisfying smoking experience, and the compact size makes them ideal for those who desire a robust and quick smoke. Enjoy the bold taste of Game Leaf Cigars Dark and experience the richness of dark flavor in every puff.

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