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Oliva Advent Calendar 2021 Cigars Sampler Pack of 25

Oliva Advent Calendar 2021 Cigars Sampler Pack of 25

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Oliva Cigars
Cigar Sampler Box
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25 Cigars

Buitrago Cigars brings the new Oliva Cigars 2021 advent calendar, which features 25 cigars from this great handmade cigar brand.

The Oliva Advent Calendar 2021 Cigars Sampler Pack of 25 is a special collection designed for cigar enthusiasts to celebrate the holiday season with a delightful assortment of cigars from the renowned Oliva Cigar Company. This sampler pack is a unique and exciting way to count down the days until Christmas, with each day revealing a different premium cigar for your enjoyment.

Here are the key features and characteristics of this cigar sampler:

  1. Advent Calendar Format: The Oliva Advent Calendar is designed in a calendar format, with 25 compartments, each containing a different cigar. It allows you to savor a new and exciting cigar each day leading up to Christmas, making it a perfect gift for yourself or a cigar-loving friend.

  2. 25 Cigars: This sampler pack includes 25 cigars, each carefully selected to provide a diverse and enjoyable smoking experience.

  3. Oliva Cigar Company: Oliva is a well-respected name in the world of premium cigars, known for its dedication to quality and craftsmanship. Cigars from Oliva are highly regarded by cigar connoisseurs.

  4. Variety of Blends: The Oliva Advent Calendar likely includes a variety of cigar blends and sizes, allowing you to explore different flavor profiles and smoking experiences. Oliva is known for producing both medium and full-bodied cigars, so you can expect a range of flavors.

  5. Holiday Tradition: Advent calendars are a beloved holiday tradition, and this cigar sampler adds a unique twist by allowing you to enjoy a daily surprise leading up to Christmas. It's a great way to infuse the holiday spirit into your cigar passion.

  6. Collectible Box: The Advent Calendar is usually presented in an attractive and collectible box that enhances the festive and celebratory nature of the gift.

The Oliva Advent Calendar 2021 Cigars Sampler Pack of 25 is a delightful and unique way to celebrate the holiday season for cigar enthusiasts. It's a thoughtful gift for yourself or for someone who appreciates premium cigars. Each day's surprise cigar will add a touch of excitement and joy to your holiday season. Keep in mind that the exact cigars in the calendar may vary, but they are sure to provide a memorable and enjoyable smoking experience.

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